There is all information as to available IMPFORCE solutions in this book.


IMPFORCE Business Solutions: Customer relations management currently available in a basic variant only as part of the Foundation component. More features will be provided by Customer relations management component.


IMPFORCE Business Solutions: Human resources management ( HRM ) component provides the facilities for human management that focuses on the people (organization's workforce) and their lifecycle in the company.

Accounting and management accounting

IMPFORCE provides consumers with powerful and flexible Foundation component software for more than simple accounting. Unlimited management accounting is main aim of the component. Many features provided by the IMFORCE component allows consumers to develop the management accounting solutions for all processes and to design specific customizable interfaces for branches, departments, groups, or users.

Powerful report wizard provides the flexibility to design any reports templates based on various analytical parameters for temporary or permanent use to the users of intelligent software platform for business management.

Absence of any restrictions in combination with the flexible and modifiable (by users) parameters of the accounted objects provides consumers with possibility to do any custom business solutions based on built-in solutions or on his discretion.


IMPFORCE provides consumers with Document component software for a notary, lawyer or other professional activities with document workflow. Consumer can use it in combination with the powerfull Foundation component and extend it standard features beyond the consumer's needs.