Intelligent management software platform for business solutions development

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Now all potential and existent customers of the online services for self-service and professional servicing in the accounting, management accounting and business management can use new site of IMPFORCE online services.

IMPGATE.COM provides:

  • free test
  • subscription on the services
  • technical and commercial information about online services and business software.


If you are a small, medium, or corporate business and are looking for automation business software:

  • with modern and fresh ideas in the base
  • that capable to cover all business processes and reduce total cost of ownership software
  • with cheap offers for all consumers who are looking for the reasonable ways for cutting cost
  • with possibilities to develop and implement any kind of business solutions
  • without any unreasonable restrictions during exploitation
  • with flexible and scalable architecture
  • with absolute power of user to do anything that needed and without IT staff's service
  • with little expenses during the software exploitation or without it
  • without the great modernisation efforts and expenses during process reengineering
  • with the powerful and unrestricted report wizard and view editor for working and printing views
  • with built-in usual business solutions
  • with various types of the IMPFORCE use: local, allocated, cloud

All of this and much more consumer can use for development and implementation of the automated custom business solutions for accounting, management accounting, customer relation management (CRM), human resource management (HRM), document workflow and other business processes.

Functional business solutions of the IMPFORCE

IMPFORCE provides consumers with powerful and flexible Foundation component software for more than simple accounting. Unlimited management accounting is main aim of the component. Many features provided by the IMFORCE component allows consumers to develop the management accounting solutions for all processes and to design specific customizable interfaces for branches, departments, groups, or users.

Powerful report wizard provides the flexibility to design any reports templates based on various analytical parameters for temporary or permanent use to the users of intelligent software platform for business management.

Absence of any restrictions in combination with the flexible and modifiable (by users) parameters of the accounted objects provides consumers with possibility to do any custom business solutions based on built-in solutions or on his discretion.

IMPFORCE Business Solutions: accounting, management accounting

IMPFORCE provides consumers with Document component software for a notary, lawyer or other professional activities with document workflow. Consumer can use it in combination with the powerfull Foundation component and extend it standard features beyond the consumer's needs.

IMPFORCE Business Solutions: Document


IMPFORCE Business Solutions: Human resources management ( HRM ) component provides the facilities for human management that focuses on the people (organization's workforce) and their lifecycle in the company.

IMPFORCE Business Solutions: Human resources management


IMPFORCE Business Solutions: Customer relations management currently available in a basic variant only as part of the Foundation component. More features will be provided by Customer relations management component.

IMPFORCE Business Solutions: Customer relations management

Business news of the IMPFORCE

Online management accounting service for self-service on the base of the IMPFORCE BEGINNER is a client-server service, and SaaS in the nearest future, for the small and medium sized businesses or the seasonal businesses

IMPFORCE ®, name of the intelligent software platform for business management, has been registered as trademark by the Intellectual Property Office, UK, 03 August 2012.

Intelligent management platform for business management and software solutions development to companies, enterprises, nonprofit organizations and individuals welcomes you on

CSF SOLUTIONS LIMITED has joined to the Microsoft Partners Network as a Bizspark Start-up member with the project of the IMPFORCE intelligent management platform.

Business software products

IMPFORCE® Accounting Beginner is a scalable component of the IMPFORCE® intelligent business management platform for automation of the accounting and management accounting processes, provides the tools for development of custom user's business sol

350,00 €

There are only two differences between the components IMPFORCE® Accounting Beginner and IMPFORCE® Accounting Beginner +Adv.

35,00 €

IMPFORCE ® HRM Beginner is human resources management component. It is very light for using and the reliable component at the same time.

100,00 €

IMPFORCE® Administration Standard is attractive component to the all consumers who want reach very specific user access restrictions during exploitation of the intelligent management software platform.

300,00 €

IMPFORCE® Administration Beginner is a base component to the all consumers who want to manage more than one user.

30,00 €


IMPFORCE BEGINNER platform as business software solution is offered to all new consumers who would like to purchase a full version of (core without advertisement module) with the next friendly and guaranteed conditions of deal:


The Core is one of the main parts of the business software IMPFORCE management platform and this help provide you with all necessary information related to using of the Core.

The Core vocabulary provide you with all terms related to the IMPFORCE intelligent management platform.

The Foundation component vocabulary provide you with all terms related to this component of intelligent management platform IMPFORCE.

The Foundation component is a first and powerfull component of the IMPFORCE management platform.

There is all information as to available IMPFORCE solutions in this book.

Software's features

IMPFORCE®'s feature named as "dive into the past"© is the personal consumer's time machine.

The IMPFORCE is multilingual system with nonstandard approach and its implementation. More than one language user cans use in own business solution with IMPFORCE® UniMuLe©.